Hanger Too - 6100 West Everett M. Dirksen Parkway, Bartonville

"Hanger Too" in Bartonville works at 6100 West Everett M. Dirksen Parkway, IL 61607. If you have any questions, please call the phone number +1 309-633-0811

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6100 West Everett M. Dirksen Parkway, Bartonville, IL 61607
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+1 309-633-0811

Establishment   Food  

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  • Amy Presta
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    I would give the one past security zero if I could. The service was absolutely terrible this morning. The girl with the short dark hair as well as the red head were so rude and nasty to not just me but others as well. She refused to sell any sandwiches until she had time to fill the case. There were 6 people asking for them. She told me that she wasn't going to just go back and get one sandwich for me she was busy it would be about 20 minutes before she would get to it. I waited and asked again. At this point she was cussing at me then they called a police officer to come after I told that there was no reason to speak to me like that. Another person made a remark to her that was not very nice. The officer came and said that if they complained about us one more time we would be escorted out if the airport... needless to say he stood there with us after I asked him to. We waited 20 more minutes with him. I then asked him to come with me to the counter when I tried to order again . Suddenly she could give me a sandwich! Ridiculously rude customer service. I have never been treated so poorly. When your flight is delayed you need to eat. That shouldn't include being cussed at and require a police escort back to the counter.... their behavior needs to be addressed!
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Hanger Too

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  • Address: 6100 West Everett M. Dirksen Parkway, IL 61607
  • What's the Hanger Too phone number?

  • Phone number +1 309-633-0811
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  • Main work: Establishment   Food  
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  • The website

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